TreNotes 8.0.718.1

Organise your notes with this hierarchical system

TreNotes is a hierarchical note list program. Features include:


  • Assign different attributes such as colour, category, icon, priority, due date, status type etc.
  • Over 200 icons
  • Tracking features such as Automatic Status Update, Branch Statistics
  • Add web and file links
  • Organizing features such as manual ordering, branch level sorting, drag and drop, or move/copy and paste
  • Simple reminders
  • Search feature (including notes)
  • Import feature for individual note
  • Export features for individual note, all notes, links, item(s) to Pocket Outlook task(s) or appointment(s), items to a TreNotes file
  • Item templates for creating items with similar properties
  • Quick Entry Bar
  • Apply Attributes for changing children's attributes quickly
  • Edit Rich Ink and Rich Text notes with Pocket Word for enhanced functionalities

Note Types

  • Plain Text, Rich Ink (drawing and voice recording), or Rich Text notes


  • Multiple views of the list
  • Branch View for zooming in a particular branch of the tree list and displaying the direct children by one of the 4 groupings
  • Automatic word wrap for long item names
  • Display due date on different views
  • Status types or completed status filters
  • Export view
  • Support ClearType
  • Support action wheels for one-handed operations
  • Support VGA mode (Windows Mobile 2003 SE or later)
  • Support VGA compact mode


  • Simple password protection to TreNotes files
  • Organize lists by different files
  • Import text or TreNotes file
  • Export to XML
  • Compatible file format with Desktop TreNotes

A comprehensive, standalone notes program for your Pocket PC. (Includes desktop version!).

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TreNotes 8.0.718.1

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